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Have arrived!!

I am now in PARIS!!  I'm sitting by the open balcony door listening to the peaceful sound of car horns in my luxurious room at the Marriot on Boulevard Haussmann, right in the centre of Paris (according to our tour director), while Mum has a nap due to not getting enough sleep on the plane.


We arrived around 8:00 this morning, but didn't get to the hotel till 10:30 due to a very anxious wait for our luggage (we were starting to get worried that they'd lost it) and some dreadful Friday morning traffic through Paris.


After we arrived and checked in I went on a short walking tour (around the block) with the other Scenic Cruises passengers who arrived with us this morning and our tour director Bernard.  He pointed out useful things like where to buy metro tickets, the fact that pharmacies are easy to spot because they all have flashing, neon green + signs, and gave us ideas of where to eat lunch and dinner when it's not already arranged for us (today's lunch, dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow, and both lunch and dinner Sunday).


After Bernard's recommendation we had lunch at Lafayette Galleries, which has a very nice food court with cafeteria style self service, but with better food than you would expect at that kind of place.  If you go to the very top there's a lovely viewing deck where you can see the city for miles (including the Eiffel tower and Mont Marte).  Mum and I spent a good half hour up there looking at the view, enjoying the fresh breeze (it was heaven after spending so long inside), and watching the crazy traffic with a bird's eye view.  There was a fantastic looking gourmet icecream place that turned a cup or cone of icecream into a work of art, but neither of us could fit it after we'd finished lunch, so we've decided that tomorrow (with a sunny top of 24C) will be a perfect day to go back and visit with the camera (I didn't realise the scale or beauty of Lafayette Galleries, and so neglected to bring it with me) and have icecream for lunch.


Tomorrow morning we're doing a 'walking tour of Paris' with a local Parisian as a guide (good way to work up a good-sized icecream appetite) and then for dinner we're going to the Lido for dinner and a show.  When you're on a Scenic Cruise (and possibly cruises by other companies, but I can't speak to that), most days there's a choice of two or three different 'experiences' you choose to take part in.  Tomorrow morning it was either the 'walking tour of Pairs', visiting the Louvre, or a sightseeing tour on a bus.  Seeing as we visited the Louvre twice during our last trip here, and also did a sightseeing tour on a bus we decided the walking tour would show us the most interesting and different sights.  The same goes for tomorrow night's entertainment.  We had a choice of the Lido dinner and a show or visiting the Eiffel tower followed by a cruise down the Seine.  Last time we did both, but couldn't get a booking for a show, so we're really happy that that was one of the choices.


It seems, at least for the next few days, that I have reasonably reliable access to the internet (and it's free).  So, I will be available till Sunday night, then we head for the boat on Monday and that's when the internet could become iffy.  I hope everyone's having a great Friday, and has a great weekend planned.