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Impetuous Innocent (Regencies, #3)

Impetuous Innocent - Stephanie Laurens

13/11 - So light it was like fairy floss. Light on the romance and light on the plot believability. The heroine, Georgiana, spent the whole book believing there was no way the hero, Dominic, could actually be in love with her. She came up with all kinds of crazy reasons for her disbelief - in love with another, marrying her for her property, and finally marrying her to avoid creating a scandal.

There were a few things I liked about the story - I liked the fact that the hero realised he was in love quite early, and didn't do everything he could to deny his feelings. I liked the way Dominic kept having to rescue Georgiana from herself was amusing, though for me not LOL.

I did not like Georgiana's constant disbelief of Dominic's love, one or two times would have been amusing, the third time was like "Again?! Come on! This is getting ridiculous." I've never been a fan of such 'light' romance, and in this particular book Dominic's strength of 'restraint' in not shocking or scaring virginal Georgiana was quite irritating. If all the other 'experienced' heroes of regency romances had used such restraint a lot of marriages (and therefore children and sequels) would not have happened. For example, her Cynster series would not have been nearly so long-lasting or popular if those regency heroes had been restrained enough to hold out till marriage, in fact her Cynster Sisters series might not have happened at all.

My 'did not like' paragraph is considerably longer than my 'did like' paragraph, but despite that it's managed to get a three out of me, mostly because it was perfect 'I'm not feeling well' (really) light reading that didn't tax my brain in any way (except in believability), and therefore didn't add to my 'I'm not feeling well' woes.