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Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey - Fiona Carnarvon

13/11 - You can really see Fellowes' inspiration for Downton Abbey in the true story of Lady Almina and Highclere Castle. I love that the book was written by the current Countess, and she is quite the writer, not in the way of writers whose words are described as 'lyrical' or 'beautiful', but in the way that you just want to keep reading. Her storytelling is accessible and she makes what could be dry facts into a compelling, and sometimes enthralling story. To be continued...


14/11 - There were a few editing errors - in one instance on page 96 she called Elsie, the 5th Lord Carnarvon's stepmother, his mother-in-law

"Lord Carnarvon had sold his two Somerset estates, Pixton and Tetton in 1901 to his mother-in-law, Elsie..."

then on page 116 she talked about 'Jessie' when from the context it's clear she actually meant Mary Weeks, Almina's secretary

"It was an adventure by anyone's standards, and one imagines Jessie and Almina rolling their eyes together at the privations they were both expected to bear. Jessie was a regular traveller since she accompanied Almina wherever she went, but it was the first time the two women had roughed it and it proved too much."

The fact that 'Jessie' is described as being a regular companion to Almina on her travels is what told me that she was actually talking about Mary Weeks, as that is exactly how Mary's job as Almina's secretary was described earlier in the book.

Fortunately, these slightly glaring editing errors did nothing to tarnish my enjoyment of the true story of the real Downton Abbey and when I finished it I immediately added the second book in the series on her husbands' ancestors that Countess Carnarvon has written, Lady Catherine, the Earl, and the Real Downton Abbey.