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Silver Shadows -  Richelle Mead

18/11 - Why does Adrian suddenly look like Peter Facinelli (Carlisle in Twilight)?


Alright, besides that lookalike weirdness this was a FANTASTIC book. I loved nearly every minute of it, and the minutes I didn't love were made up for by Sydney's chapters.

I was very disappointed by Adrian's descent into alcohol and all-night partying. I thought he was better, stronger than that, or he would be for Sydney. Every little disappointment for the first half of the book sent him straight to the bottle, or a party that had multiple bottles.

Sydney's chapters were like the light after the dark disappointment of Adrian's and I speed read through Adrian's chapters (at least until he got himself together and stopped bloody drinking) just to get back to Sydney. I loved that she was able to use magic to help her fellow inmates, and herself, and aid in everyone's escape. It even encouraged a dream the night I finished (which was the night of the day that I started) where I was a middle-aged Asian man (go figure) who had a combination of Sydney and Adrian's powers and was using them to help a planet that was not our own figure out how to fight some invading aliens, and which galaxy they'd come from. My dreams are always weird and nonsensical.

I loved the wedding! I loved how romantic Adrian became, giving Sydney carte blanche to buy whatever she wanted for her dream wedding (well, as close as possible as no amount of money could buy the attendance of their friends and family). I felt a little sad when Sydney traded her wedding shoes for a pair of Skechers (although I saw the logic of that trade), although as such a reason-driven person, I don't think Sydney would be as sentimental about her wedding shoes as I am.

I loved that Sydney is growing more and more powerful and has managed to use her magic without needing her books (really, what's the good of being able to use magic if you have to have a spell book at hand in times of emergency?).

This was my favourite Mead book so far, as it kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire 12 hours (9:30ish in the morning to 9:30 at night) it took me to read it. I didn't feel there was a let up in the tension and excitement of what was going on with Sydney for the whole book. At the end of each chapter I was anxious to know what was going to happen next, and if I had to stop (unfortunately there were things I was expected to do that didn't involve sitting on the couch reading all day long) I couldn't stop thinking about getting back to it ASAP for the entire time I was away. Best book I've read this year! I voted for it in the GR Book Awards (the first book I've actually read that was nominated for an award, although I've voted every year since I joined I just vote for the books I'd most like to read) and think it totally deserves to win best YA Fantasy and Sci-Fi.