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How to Tame your Duke - Juliana  Gray

20/2 - I thought How to School your Scoundrel was an average imitator with a very outlandish plot (there are better examples of this subgenre out there). That book has an average rating of 3.74, this has 3.80. Hopefully that extra .6 of a point will lead to a whole extra star from me. To be continued...



21/2 - Sooo much better than book three (despite the fact that that only translates to one extra star). I think I just didn't connect with Luisa and Philip like I did with Emilie and Ashland (Anthony, but she never calls him by his first name). I had a number of chuckles reading this last night, especially if the scene involved Freddie. He was like a breath of hilarious fresh air compared to the minor characters in How to School you Scoundrel - mostly more appearances by the Duke of Olympia, Miss Dingleby and Somerton's first wife. Freddie's personality easily outshines all of them. The absence of the Duke of Olympia really helped the plot, removed the absurdity of having a drag queen duke popping up in random tea rooms to impart updates on the progress of finding the murderer. I definitely think this is a series that needs to be read in order. Because I read the last book in the series first, I knew how it all turned out in the end and that Dingleby really was a traitor. Plus when I was reading How to School your Scoundrel some of the things they said in relation to who the murderer was didn't make sense because the full discussion had already been had in one of the earlier books and Gray didn't go over it (again) in full (something which I would be pleased by if I had indeed read them in the correct order).

The romance and feelings between Emilie and Ashland was so much more apparent and realistic feeling than what was (or wasn't) between Luisa and Somerton and I thought the idea of paying a woman to read to Ashland was quite novel and gave me a higher opinion of him (I like the thought of a man who thinks watching/listening to a woman reading to him is sexy). This one has changed my opinion of the series so much that I will now be on the lookout for Stephanie's story, rather than picking it up only if I happen across it by chance.


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