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The Ruby Circle - Richelle Mead



17/3 - A good entry in the Bloodlines series, but not really what I was expecting from the final book of this long running world. It didn't feel at all like it was the last book. Until the epilogue the plot only seemed to bring up more questions and the lead-ins to new plot lines. I'm tempted to ask her if she's sure there's not going to be more books in the series, or maybe another spin-off series. The epilogue wrapped everything up very neatly (too neatly, too easily for a single short chapter, in my opinion), but it still doesn't feel finished. Maybe that's the final feeling Mead was going for, leave them wanting more? But not sure I've been left wanting more in a good way, this is more a confused 'did I miss a chapter' kind of way.

Alicia wasn't a very good choice for bad guy. First of all, her survival of the house fire and reappearance was a bit contrived corny. Then her attempt at revenge against Sydney by kidnapping Jill and leading her on a scavenger hunt across America was a bit silly and only marginally threatening (despite Adrian's constant, and increasingly irritating, worries over Sydney's safety and his belief that no one could protect her as well as he could) to Sydney's wellbeing. I don't understand why Alicia would set a time limit on how long the Warriors had to keep Jill alive for. Once Jill was taken there was no way, and no attempts, of making contact with either Jill or Alicia, so why did Jill need to be alive past the first few hours. That part didn't make any sense, except in the sense that we couldn't possibly have anything other than a happy ending for this book in particular, and the series in general, and if Jill died that's not a happy ending. Three and a half stars for the book with an extra half because of how much I've enjoyed the series overall.


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