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Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover

8/6 - I picked this up on a whim from the 'new and recently returned' shelf at the library. I knew from many friend's reviews that Hoover was a big name in the relatively new genre New Adult (which I don't see, from my vast experience of reading ONE book categorised New Adult, as being all that different from Young Adult), unfortunately I couldn't remember if the consensus on the book was good or bad, so I took a risk and picked it up.

The risk was sort of worth it, but then again not. I HATED Miles' chapters! I can't stand purposefully weird formatting, or wacky internal monologues. After the first two proved to be weird and wacky I stopped really reading them and just skimmed them looking for anything that might be pertinent to the story, not just random weirdo-teenage waffling. Tate's chapters weren't quite so heinous, then stuff started to happen in Miles' chapters that was more than just him repeating Rachel's name over and over and mooning over her like a sappy cow. Ugh! I don't like sappy guys.

The second half of the book was slightly better because we were learning what turned Miles into an asshole in the past (I could see the death coming, but I had dibs on both of them dying, possibly during childbirth), but he was still continuing to be an asshole in the present, so it was two steps forward, one step back in the like/dislike department. Now that I've got the chance to look through everyone else's (friends, that is) reviews I can see that there are a number of Hoover fans and that most of them disliked this book with a passion, so I'm going to give Hoover a pass on this one (even the best authors write a bad book now and then) and (someday, when the mood strikes me) try one of the more widely loved books like Slammed or Hopeless.

I feel like Kat Stark's review described my feelings (some, not all, she only gave it 1 star) and problems with the book more succinctly than I ever could, so I'm going to direct you there. I've never worked out how to insert a working link into a GR review, so I hope this works - https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...



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