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Cowboy Heaven (Cowboy Heaven, #1) by Cheryl Brooks

Cowboy Heaven - Cheryl Brooks

9/6 - Alright, this is not working for me at all. There is absolutely no chemistry between Angela and Troy, or Angela and any of the ranch hands she uses to throw suspicion off the possibility of her having an affair with Troy (one of those aforementioned ranch hands, in case no one realised). Angela's reasoning for flirting with all the ranch hands to throw the suspicion off the idea of a relationship with Troy is so contrived it's laughable. It just seems like a horribly fake way to get the idea of Angela in the middle of a cowboy sandwich into the story. I'm not sure if anything actually happens because I haven't read that far, and likely never will.

Reading this makes me feel dirty, in a bad and disgusting way. This isn't romance, it's written down porn (as opposed to filmed porn) with all the feelings you would normally expect from that kind of movie. To me Angela and Troy act/feel like a pair of well-paid porn stars, not romantically linked characters in a romance, or even an erotica (in most of the eroticas I've read the characters exhibit some level of feeling for each other). DNF at page 60.

Considering the level of failure this book has reached I doubt I'll be making any effort to find any of Brooks' other books.