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Winter in Melbourne

Well, I think today will officially be the coldest day of the year in Melbourne.  As of 20 minutes ago the temperature had managed to crawl its way to a balmy 7.4C, but it feels like it's only 6.4C (according to the Bureau of Meteorology, the weather authority in Australia).  We've got both the fires going (something we only do when it's really cold) and I'm still only just comfortable sitting in front of one of those fires with four top layers (singlet, spencer, long sleeved top, and cardigan) and two bottom layers (long johns and fluffy trackies), and a dog pressed up against me, as well.  Before we lit the fires it got down to 13C inside, that's pretty cold for inside in Melbourne.  To add to the cold miserableness of the day it's been raining non-stop since I got up this morning, five hours ago (we might actually get the 15 mm they were predicting).  I know this is nothing like the winter weather you Northerners get - it's not like the steady rain is going to turn into steady snow anytime soon - but with each year that passes Melbourne gets hotter and days like this get less likely.  We probably won't get another one this year, and as far as I remember we didn't have one at all last year.  10 years ago we would have had a number days throughout winter where the max temperature wouldn't make it to 10C, but they've been becoming less frequent every year.  10 years from now you'll probably find that very few people have real grass anymore because it's become simply hopeless (and too expensive and wasteful of water) to try to grow grass in an area with such a low yearly rainfall.  Everyone will be replacing their dead lawns with artificial grass that doesn't need watering.




This photo was taken on one of the few truly sunny but cold days of the year (most of the time, for it to be that cold it needs to be raining and windy, like it is today, which is why Melbourne winters have the worst reputation of the whole country).  It was only 10C on this beautiful clear day, only five months after we had a day that reached 46C.