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This Book Better be Bloody Fantastic!!!!!!

I've finally gone and done it.  I've paid a large amount of money for a Kindle book, well, I think it's large, it's certainly large compared to what I was previously willing to pay for a book that I can't hold in my hands and Amazon's T&C says doesn't really belong to me.


I tried every resource I could think of to get my hands on a copy of Peter F. Hamilton's Pandora's Star, but Kindle was the cheapest.  A local online bookstore had it for $22, eBay had it for $6 plus $7 postage and handling, Amazon had a hardcover in 'good' condition for $0.78 plus $16 postage and handling, my library no longer had it in the catalogue and said it was out of print from its suppliers and if I wanted to do an interlibrary loan it was going to cost between $10 and $15.


The Kindle edition was $8.99, so although it goes against the grain for me to pay so much money for an amorphous item, it seemed it was the cheapest way for me to read it.  And I have to read it because I really want to read The Dreaming Void, which is an offshoot series of his Commonwealth Saga, which Pandora's Star is the start of.  The Dreaming Void is set 1500 years after the end of the Commonwealth Saga, but is in the same world.  I tried to read The Dreaming Void before I knew that it was the start of an offshoot series, and in just the first few pages I knew I wouldn't be able to go on reading, the world just wasn't explained enough, it didn't make sense.  Even thinking that it was the start of the series I immediately got the feeling that I was missing something, that there was a, or some books that came before the one I was reading.  Hopefully (for my bank account's health) this isn't the breaking of the dam in regards to my Kindle price ceiling rule (nothing over $1.99 unless E wrote it).