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As Long as You Love Me - Ann Aguirre

28/8 - What is it with modern romances being told from the first person POV?! This is the third romance I've read this month told in the first person, and I would say generally, I'm not a fan. One was okay, one was 'not offensive' and I would describe this one as not good (not the whole book, specifically the first person POV). I did not like Lauren or her internal monologue. She frequently reminds us that she's been in love with Rob since before she knew what her feelings meant, but I don't feel any of that emotion in her 'voice'. She says the words, but to me she comes across like a wooden actor simply repeating the words on the script. Same goes for Rob, but it's possibly worse because of the Lauren POV. We hear what she says and thinks but obviously we can't hear what Rob thinks. We can only hear what he says and have to take it for granted that he's speaking from the heart and telling the truth. And since he's not particularly demonstrative I just didn't feel the love from him either. There is no visible love in this book.

The only thing I did like about this book was Lauren's relationship with Rob's ex-girlfriend, Avery. I liked the way they were able to (mostly) avoid the usual female rivals relationship and actually become friends. But that was only a small part of the book and it certainly couldn't make up for a lacklustre depiction of the hero and heroine's love for each other. I would probably 'impulse borrow' either of the other two books in the series (pick them up without realising that I'd read a book from the series and not enjoyed it), but I definitely won't be searching them out or putting them on hold.