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I read pretty much anything, from fantasy (City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett) to romance (Bared to You by Sylvia Day) to classics (Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad).  The only genres I don't read are self-help and comic books/graphic novels.

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Need Your Advice

Hi all, my birthday is coming up next week and I've been contemplating getting a device to read my Kindle books on (I currently read on my laptop, but it's not comfortable).  I hope that if I enjoy the reading experience I will want to read my 1000+ eBooks rather than reading them because I have to as I do now (it's not that I don't want to read the book, I just don't particularly want to read them as eBooks) and I will read them more frequently, still not as often as I read physical books, but enough that I will have a hope of getting through all the books I have already 'bought' before time runs out.


So, what I need from you guys is advice on what to buy.  Should I buy an E-reader or an iPad (remembering that I already have a laptop that's great and is almost surgically attached to my lap and fingertips)?  Which brand?  Which version?  I have well over 1000 books (mostly free) on my laptop Kindle software, so space will be something to consider.  While money isn't inconsequential, don't worry about it if what you're advising is the more expensive option.  If it's the better option for me I'll search around and find it for the best price possible, I don't want to regret making my choice based on price, later.


So anyone who owns or knows someone who owns an E-reader or iPad please help me decide what to buy.  Thanks everyone!