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Male Seeking Male - Kathleen   Lee

1/10 - Well, that was a sexy little book to read over breakfast.

By the way, I've found my favourite use for my new Kindle Voyage - reading with it while eating because it's hands-free, usually I struggle to find an object heavy enough to hold my paperback open without me having to hold it. I've tried salt shakers, pepper grinders, tv remotes, hairbrushes, and glasses cases; sometimes I simply have to cry defeat and give up on the dream of peacefully eating my poached egg on toast while I read a book with the sun streaming in the window behind me. My Voyage is a revelation in breakfast reading, the ultimate in hands free thanks to the specially designed origami cover that is magnetic and folds into a book stand in seconds. Thanks to hands free reading I've read a short book every morning this week (I'm really catching up on this year's reading challenge).

Anyway, back to this book. Another surprise, in a good way. As usual there were a few editing mistakes, but they weren't drastically distracting.

Location 319
'Greg usually did the cooking in their unit, since Rachel only mastered canned soup and cereal.'
There needs to be a had between Rachel and only.

Location 384
'...and his d**k went flax in his mouth.'
I hope (and I'm sure Jack does, too) that his penis didn't go flax at any time, it sounds like it would be painful and possibly embarrassing.

Location 404
'He could smell something Italian lofting into the hallway...'
When I highlighted lofting on my Kindle the definition came up as "the work carried out by a loftsman". I don't think that's what Lee was going for. I think maybe she meant wafting.

Location 413
'"I'm an accountant."
Jack threw his head back and laughed. "Should have known. Between the casual dress clothes and that little look you get, like you're trying to solve something, it should've been obvious."'

I'm sorry but, that's a ridiculous cliché. You can't tell what job a person does by the way they dress or a 'look' they get. So, medical researchers and journalists don't get looks like they're trying to solve a puzzle? And baristas and civil engineers don't wear casual dress to work? I just think that 'deduction' was silly and an unnecessary comment from Jack.

I wish this had been a bit longer. I really liked Greg and Jack, and Rachel. I especially wanted to see more of Rachel and Greg's relationship and thought, if the book had been longer, Greg could have gone on a few dreadful dates before finding Jack. Would definitely read more of Lee's work, hopefully in a longer format if it's available.