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When a Scot Ties the Knot (Castles Ever After, #3) by Tessa Dare

When a Scot Ties the Knot - Tessa Dare

2/10 - It seems I can't credit (on GR) more than one person with recommending a book to me (or maybe I just can't work it out), so I want to add that Khanh's, as well as Susana's, reviews are how I came to know about this great book. I've only read six pages and I'm already laughing. I love an author who can successfully pull off good comedy in a romance, it makes a great romance an outstanding book that I might be tempted to buy. To be continued...


5/10 - I didn't find this quite as outrageously hilarious as I was hoping to, not quite as good as Any Duchess will Do. I didn't get as many LOL moments as I wanted. I loved Maddie's name, I've read a number of books with intelligent and hilarious heroines whose names happen to be Maddie. I don't know why, but Maddie might be one of the most common romance heroine names I've come across. I loved her obsession with her lobsters and was quite disappointed on her behalf when she missed seeing their mating because that had been important to her for so long, I didn't feel that the introduction of Logan completely replaced her desire to draw what she saw in nature. I felt like she could, should be able to have both. That was probably my biggest disappointment with the book, I wanted her to have it all. I found her repeated use of nicknames for Logan starting with Captain Mac... very inventive and funny, but not necessarily realistic. I don't think Grey's Anatomy had been thought of in the 1800s (I'm guessing 1809, but can't remember exactly). I think Rabbie might have been reading a few too many romance novels himself, the advice he gives Logan of how to 'get' Maddie sounded like a scene straight out of a romance novel that I've actually read and used to own, The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries, Rabbie's obviously got quite an imagination.

I'm no longer tempted to buy this particular book, but it's still highly recommended and I can't wait to get to the earlier books in the series and everything else that Dare's written.