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Ace's Wild (Hell's Eight, #7) by Sarah McCarty

Ace's Wild - Sarah McCarty

10/11 - 3.5 stars generously rounded up to four because I read it in under 24 hours. Plenty of lust, passion, and sexual tension, but I really didn't feel the LOVE between Ace and Petunia. I can't stand the name Petunia, chosen I think just so Ace can give her the 'pet' name Pet. I didn't like the book's title either, Ace's Wild. Every time I think about it I want to ask "Ace's wild what?", it sounds like the phrase is unfinished, like there needs to be another word - 'dog', 'cat', some kind of animal is usually the first thing that pops into my mind. There seemed a lot less involvement of Hell's Eight as a group in this book compared to the earlier books in the series, book two and three especially, which I thought was a shame. I liked it when the lot of them came together, worked together, and that's one of my favourite parts of the end of a series (or penultimate end) like this, all the characters mingling and interacting with each other. That and updates on all the relationships from the previous books. Without them all getting together as a group (not counting Ace and Petunia's wedding as that was a pretty short scene and the rest of the family barely participated) this didn't feel like it was part of a multi book series. This could definitely be read as a standalone. Will continue to read books from the series as I come across them at the library.