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My Bottom Ten (hope it's not more than 10) of 2015

I just posted my best of 2015, here are my worst.  All these books are rated 1.5, 1, or even half a star, and are once again listed from first read to last.


Boy did I dislike this!  There were books within the book, waffling, and whole paragraphs that were just a pile of words with no real connection to each other.  I'd had Siddhartha on my to read list, that got dumped pretty quickly after I gave up on this one.



What a rubbish romance!  It was a porn movie scenario put down in words and gave me completely the wrong feeling as I was reading it - dirty and guilty, rather than swoony and happy.


Dreadful editing was the main complaint with this book, but it was very closely followed by a ridiculous plot.


This was quite a disappointment considering how interesting the plot sounded.  The editing was pretty bad and I couldn't help but think it had been badly translated, but there was no mention of Woodhouse not being a native English speaker/writer, so there was no excuse.


Not really a big surprise as I didn't pay for this with anything other than time, but this was the worst book of the year.  There wasn't a single rule of grammar, spelling or punctuation that this book didn't break.  It was practically gleeful about it's rebellious ways.  It was so short there was no hope of getting to know the characters in any meaningful way.  The taboo subject wasn't a problem for me at all, but everything else about this book was.


This one was let down by a LOT of unprotected sex.  It was almost like Jackson was throwing it in the reader's face.  There was also dreadful characterisation, characters with ridiculous motivations, and repetitive writing.  I DNFed it after 120 pages.


Not really a book in either length or content, more like the final chapter of book.  A badly edited chapter at that.


Another one with a ridiculous plot and unprotected sex that no one remembers till the next morning, also a TSTL heroine.


Well, that's encouraging!  More 4.5 or 5 star books than 1.5, 1, or 0.5 star books for 2015.  I hope I can say the same in 363 days time.