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No Such Thing by Edward Lorn

No Such Thing - Edward Lorn

Disclaimer: I am friends with this author on GR and BL, that hasn't affected my ability to rate and review this book honestly and critically.

9/1 - 3.5 stars. The science was a little sketchy and hard to believe, but I really enjoyed the blood and gore and horror. I wish it had been longer to make more room for a better explanation of the science and to show Clara's pregnancy.

Some editing mistakes (*sigh*, I'm reading a lot of Kindle books at the moment and it seems that every review I've written has needed to include that phrase):

Location 74
'...chubby lady in a sequenced gown...'

Pretty sure Lorn meant sequined.

Location 125
'...with suit tails and a cumber bun...'

What the hell??? Nope, that's not how you spell it. That should be cummerbund.

Same location
'...but a man-servant in this day and age?'

No hyphen in manservant. I read a lot of regency romance and have seen the word manservant used in a number of them, never with a hyphen.

Location 142
'Johan studied the woman's apple shaped bottom from just underneath her jacket'

So he's hiding underneath her jacket, studying her bottom? Nope? Not the idea Lorn was going for? Well, that's what it sounds like from what he's written.

Location 180
'The person's eyes were set close together, and were very female...'

How do a pair of eyes denote femaleness? Unless they have eye liner, shadow, and mascara, and if they did why not just say that? If you take just the eyes - no eyebrows, no nose below the level of the eyes - I don't believe you've got more than a fifty-fifty chance of being correct in your guess of gender.

Location 264
'Thisz is where you will fail.'

I assume that's just a plain typo, not an attempt at giving Johan an accent.

Location 405
'...Von Lennon allowed the keyboard slide off...'

There should be a to between keyboard and slide.

Overall, a nice 'n' gory short story, so if you're looking for 30-40 minutes of entertaining gore this is a good choice.