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I read pretty much anything, from fantasy (City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett) to romance (Bared to You by Sylvia Day) to classics (Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad).  The only genres I don't read are self-help and comic books/graphic novels.

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Margins - E. Lorn, Edward Lorn

23/3 - To start with I love that this is about books. I feel like I can hear Lorn speaking through Ms Marsh's voice, calling Joe Hill that furry bastard and saying that both he and King have the teeth of gorillas and the fur to match (LOL!). And Jamie's thoughts on Palahniuk seem to come straight from Lorn's mouth, it's like getting a look inside his brain (not that he's ever been shy about sharing his opinions). I like that he's included so much of himself in his characters.

Location 44
'...word whirlpool was an black eye.'
That should a black eye.

The scene where Jamie first encounters the 'ghost' in the book was absolutely hilarious. I was laughing so much I had to put my Kindle down lest I dropped it, I'm just glad I wasn't in the bath like Jamie was. And then grabbing a can of Raid to spray the evil book? Perfect!

Location 140
'...no ominous presence eminating from the binding...'
That should be emanating.

Location 157
'...armed with a broom and can of Raid...'
That should be 'and a can'.

Same location
'Sounds good to me, she though.'
That should be thought.

Location 355
'"...if there were anymore books like you."'
In this context that should be any more.

Location 582
'Jaime had called Ms. Marsh that morning...'
Wrong spelling of Jamie's name.

If Lorn could just get rid of the damn editing errors this would have been a 5+ star read, but with those errors I can't give it five stars honestly because every time I saw one I felt irritation that it hadn't been picked up.