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I've just received an email from a surprisingly helpful and prompt in replying customer service officer from, wait for it...








You see, I submitted my review of The Trial of Dr Kate to Amazon last night, but when I got up this morning I had an email from Amazon saying that my review was unacceptable due to any number of non-specified reasons (they said to check their guidelines, but didn't tell me which ones I had supposedly crossed).  I checked and found that they don't like you to refer to other reviews on the website as the reviews visible can change without warning (which I took to mean that other reviews may become unacceptable at any time without warning), so I edited the first line of my review so that it didn't mention any other reviews and re-submitted it.  Ten minutes later I get the exact same email again.  I read the guidelines and my review again, trying to match up any other naughty things I'd written, but could find nothing that didn't fit their guidelines, so I did as suggested in the email and sent an email to their customer service department (expecting to get the run-around and vague non-answers that all added up to "your review is unacceptable, but we won't tell you why") asking what was unacceptable about my review and how I could fix it.  I only just read the reply email from customer service, but I got it within two hours of my complaint (nice and speedy).


The reply said (and I'm taking some creative licence here) "I've re-evaluated your review and our response to it and I'm sorry your review was taken down needlessly.  It was reinstated at (some random time of the day).  Your review can be found here (review link).  We look forward to seeing more reviews from you in the future.  Did I solve your problem?  If yes, please click this link.  If no, please click this link."  I figured since there was no hassle and it was all done about 24 hours earlier than I thought it would be, I would be generous and click the 'yes' link, which took me to a little survey of their customer service.  I was asked to rate out of five the ease of working with Amazon on my issue, the quality of their customer service representative and Amazon's policy on the issue.  I scored them five, five and (because nothing was explained as to why my review was taken down in the first place) two.  At the end of the email was a line about it being Amazon's mission to become the world's best in customer service.  I almost choked on my late night diet coke at the hilariousness of that idea, but then again, I did just receive some really good customer service.  Who knows, maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and find GR has changed their minds about the big C.