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Scam/Fake Followers Infecting Booklikes

Hi all,


thought I'd better warn people about five 'followers' I've managed to gather who aren't people at all, they're companies attempting to advertise their stuff (or something, I didn't keep reading their longwinded discussions on the stuff once I realised that they weren't here for the reviewing).  Some of them may have been attached to some of you as well, as they've joined in the same way a private citizen would and have been assigned 26 followers.  A list of these so-called followers (who I've blocked) is below:


1. Karenbarcia02 - attempting to advertise the 'Westward Scania Group in Society'.

2. Westward Group - telling us all about 'Westward Group Power Transmission'.

3. Cimberleigh blogs and reviews (that one's sneaky, pretending to be a real person just doing their blog, but we're not stupid and anyone actually looking at their page find it glaringly obvious) - attempting to advertise 'Long and Foster Real Estate'.

4. Westhill Insurance Consulting (come on now, they're not even attempting to hide who they aren't - a reviewer/blogger) - attempting to advertise 'Westhill Healthcare Consulting'.

5. BP de Silva Holdings (this one almost looks like a real, recently started blog, until you read the first post) - tells the story of the emergence of BP de Silva Holdings in Singapore over the last 150 years.


Does anyone know how I can inform staff (or if they even remove these kinds of accounts)?  Also is it against policy to include links to these 'blogs' (I'm using the term loosely) in this post?