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One Night in the Ice Storm; One Night with her Best Friend; One Night with her Bodyguard (One Night Novellas, #1-3) by Noelle Adams

One Night in the Ice Storm  - Noelle  Adams One Night with her Best Friend  - Noelle  Adams One Night with her Bodyguard  - Noelle  Adams

28/11 - I read Noelle Adams' novella trilogy (or at least that's what I'm calling them) One Night in the Ice Storm, One Night with her Best Friend and One Night with her Bodyguard over the space of about four hours and as they were only about 60 or 70 pages long I'm going to write one review for all of them.  They were all very similar in general plot and characterisation.  The heroine either doesn't like the hero or doesn't see him in a romantic way.  The hero has loved the heroine for years, but hasn't said or done anything about it because he was worried about the reception he would receive from the heroine.  One fateful night the hero and heroine are thrown together in an unusual circumstance which changes everything.  After their one night together the heroine is scared of what it all means and pushes the hero away, or he runs away because he's scared too.  It all ends happily with all misunderstandings resolved and each promising the other that they wanted a committed long-term relationship - none of the characters mentioned marriage.  After reading the second, and then the third, I began noticing some repetition of phrases, not within the same book but from one book to another.

There were very few editing and grammar errors, way below the average, not even enough to warrant the loss of half a star from any of the ratings.  Despite the tacky, cliched, even trite aspects of the novellas I really, really enjoyed them.  I found them sweet and hot.  Most of the situations were believable, most of the characters acted in a way that I found realistic (within reason, they were romances after all) and all that adds up to a trio of four and a half star reads.