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Sarah's Library's New Year's Reading Resolution/Challenge 2014

Hi all, now that Christmas Craziness is over and I'm getting back into the swing of my normal read/review schedule I have decided to make my personal, private (private in that it's previously been locked away in my brain, not private in an 'it's a secret' way) reading challenge official so that there's a record of what I hope to achieve to refer back to when I feel like getting a random romance out from the library.


First of all, I want to continue to increase my number of books read from last year.  The first year that I actually took note of what I was reading and when I was reading it was 2012 and I documented 91 books read that year.  2013 I surpassed that with 133 (spurred on, I believe, by the GR reading challenge and the percentages telling me how far ahead of where I needed to be I actually was).  This year I have set myself the target of 140, but I hope that it will actually be higher than that (based on the fact that last year I originally set my goal at 100 and had to keep upping it every couple of weeks so that I didn't finish the challenge in October).


The second part of my challenge is that I will read as many physical and digital books, that I actually own, as possible.  That means I'm going to attempt to restrict myself from borrowing any library books.  I tried that last year, but I've promised myself I'll be more strict with myself this year (she says as she is thinking about going to bed and continuing to read the library book she started two days ago, or one of the other three she has sitting on her bedside table awaiting their turn).

To make it more difficult on myself (in an attempt to make it more of a true challenge I suppose) I have decided that I have to read the physical books alphabetically from one genre to the next, with the order set by how my library shelves have been set out.  So my reading order will be as follows: the first genre, at the beginning of the shelves (working right to left across the room) is YA, which means I have a whole lot of Buffy books to make my way through; followed by horror (King and Koontz galore), fantasy (first time to read Stephen Donaldson), sci-fi (that's a short genre but does feature Asimov prominently, due to my dad's fascination with him when he was younger), crime (there's literally hundreds of them, and yes I do actually mean literally hundreds), true crime (looking forward to reading about Jeffrey Dahmer), fictional spy/war (Ludlum overload), general fiction (pretty much books that I couldn't quite categorise as any of the other genres), true war stories (I'm a bit of a military history buff, especially Australian), biographies (anyone from Louis XIV to Bill Cosby, with a few I fully don't intend to read due to having absolutely no interest in their life stories - they're my parents books), action-adventure (lots of Matthew Reilly), historical fiction (the same as the general fiction, but all set 100 years or more ago), romance (old romances that my mum bought in the late 80s and early 90s that I appropriated when I came of age), classics (Austen, Bronte, L.M. Montgomery to name a few), sweeping family sagas (those near 1000 page tomes that follow one family through multiple generations), poetry (except for Shakespeare, I don't know how many of those I'll read) and finally children's (Blyton and a few picture books).


The third part of the challenge is that I will write a reasonable review for every book I read - none of this dashing off a single paragraph that says nothing much other than thumbs up or down because I finished the book over a week ago, have read three further books in the meantime and no longer remember the plot particularly well.  No, I'm going to write my good reviews - the ones where I begin the review after reading only a few pages/half a chapter and give plenty of detail and evidence of my reasons for liking/disliking the book.


While I'm competing in this challenge I am going to continue my relationship with Netgalley, but attempt to request only the number of books I could reasonably be expected to read while making my way through my own library (as opposed to going a little nuts over the selection of books available to me at Netgalley and requesting pretty much everything, with no regards to the time limits imposed by the publisher).  I am feeling very hungover (due to overindulgence at Netgalley) and guilty after logging back into Netgalley after three weeks to find that at least 10 books that I requested (and received) had been archived and expired while the craziness was on and so I missed my chance to read and review them (all publishers/authors effected, please accept my heartfelt apology and I promise not to request so many at once ever again).


So there you go, a pretty simple reading challenge.  I have over 1000 books to choose from with just a small restriction on the order I read them in.  Unfortunately, despite this verbose announcement of my intentions, no one can join me in this challenge - it is truly a personal challenge - as it is very unlikely that anyone would be able to get their hands on a copy of each physical and digital book that is in my possession in the order I will be reading them in.  If anyone was actually interested in attempting to follow on with me I'm currently reading A Basic Renovation by Sandra Antonelli from Netgalley, Mortal Fear by Scott and Denise Ciencin from my shelves and Infamy by Lenny Bartulin from the library (I know, I know, but I already had it and it's really good and I can't return it without finishing it - can I?).


I've been thinking about going to bed to continue reading Infamy since the first time I mentioned it, a few hundred words and 45 mins ago, and now that this post is coming to the end my bed and the book are screaming my name.  So, A Basic Renovation that I was reading on Adobe Digital Editions before starting this post is going to lose out to a physical book once again.  Good night all, hope everyone has made some good New Year's Reading Resolutions or challenges, like I have.