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Deepwater Angels (Deepwater, #3) by Ken Catran

Deepwater Angels - Ken Catran

23/1 - This was a disappointing end to a promising series.  Deepwater Black had such scope to be the start of a great YA sci-fi series, but then Deepwater Landing had a few problems and I the possibility of Deepwater Angels being not good became apparent.  Unfortunately, my fears were well-founded.  The book was a good bit shorter than Landing or Black; Catran continued to struggle with the difference between 'around' and 'round' and while I only noticed a few instances of this confusion in Landing, Angels seemed to be plagued with it - more often than you would imagine for such a short book.  The narrator - another Earth kid, Connal (Meatgrinder) - had a 'duuhh, I'm stooopid, yuck-yuck' kind of voice for most of the book, even when he was trying to get past his prior thick-headed bully behaviour, which was not enjoyable to listen to compared to Robbie and Denie's voices in the previous books.



The whole book felt rushed.  It felt like Catran had signed a contract for three books and so wrote the third book, not because he wanted to but because of the contract.  Except for the change in narrators Deepwater Landing and Angels could have been merged into one book - maybe that way Catran would have taken more care with the language, which really seemed to go downhill in quality and needed editing in a number of places.


I really LOVED Deepwater Black, when I was a 12-year-old trying YA books out for the first time and late last year when I reread it as part of my self-imposed mission to read or reread all my books, review them and decide whether they're worth keeping or need to go to the library book sale.  In order to read Deepwater Landing and Angels I had to pay $8 each to get them posted to me from the US (they're long gone from the library and not available on Kindle), a price I was initially happy to pay, but now that I know I'll probably never read them again, it seems pretty expensive for a single-read pair of books.