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Only partially about books...


Is anyone watching The Michael J. Fox show?  I am and I love seeing him back on tv, plus he looks so much better than he did the last time I saw him on Ellen.  Anyway, I just finished the sixth episode, Interns, and one of the stories in the episode was that Annie had been asked by her sister-in-law Leigh to read and 'give feedback' (review) the first chapter of Leigh's new book.  Leigh's book is the classic tale of boy meets girl, but boy can't take girl to the school dance because he turns into a horse every night.  Annie reads the chapter, which, obviously, is horrendous, and starts out trying to be positive and complimentary (not quite fan-girling, but not far off), because that's what Mike advises her to do, but in the end can't hold back the criticism and slams the book for reasons, including the fact that both main characters' names are Kristen (or possibly Christian).  After receiving this harsh, but totally deserved criticism Leigh storms off.  The next day Annie goes to check on Leigh, because the last time she was criticised she walked out into the ocean, only to find that Leigh has turned the harsh criticism around and is using it as motivation to continue writing the book, and make it even better.  Later that week Annie, a high school teacher, invites Leigh to make a guest author visit to her class and read a sample of her book (something that Annie does quite regularly as it gives her a free hour to play an iPhone game that involves fruit).  Surprisingly (or not, considering some of the YA books on offer at the moment), the kids eat it up - mostly because it was smutty (Annie's word) and full of innuendo, lines about the girl mounting the horse/boy, exploring the contours of body parts that were left unnamed because one of the girls in the class fell out of her chair.


This has been the best episode so far, just because of the Leigh/Annie storyline and how topical it is, although not everyone would quite get all the humour.  If you aren't a reviewer, or follower of the GR author hissy fits, then it might not make as much sense as it does to you and me.  So yes, not exactly about books, but I thought everyone would appreciate knowing that the author hissy fits have made their way into pop culture - sitcoms are featuring episodes that make fun of them.