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I read pretty much anything, from fantasy (City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett) to romance (Bared to You by Sylvia Day) to classics (Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad).  The only genres I don't read are self-help and comic books/graphic novels.

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Reblogged from CrowdedMinds a.k.a. Rita:

Saw Crowded Minds: AKA Rita post this and wanted to add my own thoughts to the discussion.


Booklet or Tome? Definitely tome.  I always feel a little cheated when the book is less than 200 pages long.


Pre-Owned or New? Pre-owned for non-important books that simply 'look interesting', new for continuing series that I love, but most of the time it's actually borrowed.


Historical Fiction or Fantasy? Historical fiction.  It's the best way to learn the history of anyone or anything (as long as you enjoy the subject of the book).  You read about the era/person/country/political scandal/whatever in the fictional book and really enjoy what you read which sends you running to the non-fiction shelves to learn the true story.


Hardcover or paperback?  Hardcover for important non-fiction tomes, paperbacks for the frequent re-reads.


Funny or sad? Funny.  I don't like crying or feeling that choking feeling that you get when the tears first start so I avoid books that I know are tear-jerkers (I will never read New Moon again, Bella's depression is just too sad to read to bear). 


Do you prefer reading in summer or in winter? I like the thought of reading on stormy, winter nights in front of the fire or curled up in bed with the electric blanket on.  Unfortunately, that's mostly just a fantasy - it's too dark to read by just the light of the fire and if it's cold enough to have the electric blanket on it's too cold to have my arms out of bed - so, while I always yearn for the perfect reading, fantasy situation, it never happens so I'm not really fussed about the weather for reading.  As long as I'm reading I'm happy and usually don't even notice the weather anyway.


Classics or mainstream? I seem to be having a trouble with the whole 'Either or' purpose - I can't seem to choose one or the other - in most cases I say one in this situation and one in another.  I mostly read mainstream, but have grand plans to begin reading all the classics one day.  I've even bought a lot of them for my own library so that when I do finally get around to them I don't have to worry about due dates or fines from the library (or the possibility that the library might not have the particular classic that's next on my list).


Guidebook or Fiction? Fiction.  I've never heard non-fiction called guidebook before, a guidebook is what got me around London without getting lost.  I do like non-fiction about the 20th century wars, and historical non-fiction about the British royalty. 


Crime Novel or thriller? Both, although I often think one genre bleeds into another, I'm not really sure where one ends and the other begins.  Other than 'crime' has cops in it and 'thriller' doesn't necessarily, what's the difference?


Ebook or Print Edition?  Definitely print!  I'm dreadful at remembering to read ebooks (I feel very guilty about all the Netgalley books I've requested and received and forgotten to read before their expiry dates).


Collecting or clearing out?  My mum is worried about the likelihood that her and my dad's eventual deaths will result in the house being turned into one big library (they've already ripped out the dining room and turned it into a library because I asked them to, and then practically forced them to because of the mountains of books that keep mysteriously appearing to create clutter that my mum can't deal with).  I am trying very hard with the clearing out aspect but it's slow going as I have decided I can't possibly get rid of ANY of the books until I've read (and sometimes re-read) and reviewed them.  Eventually all the one-time reads and just plain bad ones will be replaced by million-time reads and hardcover non-fiction histories and then we'll need to build another library to contain the books that are a drug to me (they keep coming in, although I've already run out of shelves and I promised that I wouldn't get any more books until I had made space for them in the library, I know I'm dreadful).


Internet or Bookstore? Internet. I love looking at bookstores and dreaming about books, but the internet is so much cheaper than my local bookstores (maybe that's a way to curtail my book-buying addiction?).


Cookbook or Baking Book? Cookbook.  I was brought up learning to make meals and that being able to make a cake is not particularly useful if you can't roast a chicken.  I love Ina, Jamie, Nigella, and Lidia. 


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