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eBay Buyer-Seller Communication

Hello everyone, I need to ask you all to give me your honest response here.  If you were selling books on eBay and were asked the following question, how would you respond?


"I would just like to know exactly how my book will be wrapped for it's journey across the planet.  Thanks for your time."


I checked before sending the question, and there was no description of packaging in the FAQ attached to the seller's page.  The seller is in England and I'm in Australia, that's quite a journey for a flimsy little book, so I think my question was quite warranted and understandable.  Once I've seen the way others would respond I'll update with the seller's actual response.


Thanks for your time.




In response to my question I received the following reply:


"It wont be, please buy elsewhere and hassle someone else."


I replied with (perhaps in anger, but I did spend half an hour contemplating the appropriate wording, so it was hardly the heat of the moment):



thanks for letting me know you're such a dickhead before I had to deal any further with you.  I'll be sure to pass your wishes on to all my fellow buyers."


He replied first with:


"Take a look in the mirror if you wish to see      such a 'dickhead' to use your inteligent term."


and then when he didn't get a response (due to me sleeping) he continued with:


"Funny that people from Oz are the most irritating and always the most abusive customers. Glad if you pass on our best to your fellow timewasters."


I would like to pass his 'best' on to all my 'fellow timewasters', from 'Oz' and elsewhere in the eBay community.  Does he have a right to expect these messages won't be exposed publicly?  Would it be petty (or illegal) of me to plaster his seller ID (I'm not going to reveal his true identity, not that I know it anyway, but I do think it is fair to show him for who he truly is to his fellow eBay traders and potential customers) and behaviour all over the internet?


Glad to have someone (well, many someones) to talk this over with.  Your opinions and advice are welcome and appreciated.