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Sworn to Protect - Jo Davis

10/6 - Why the hell would any woman listen to exaggerations and half-truths like what Leslie's spouting? It's quite clear, or should be to any girl/woman who's ever dealt with another jealous girl/woman, that Leslie is either outright lying or exaggerating the truth till it's no longer recognisable as such. I mean her sexual exploits are no secret around the station (not that she feels any shame or embarrassment about her personal business being public knowledge), but it seems to me that most of the gossip regarding her male colleague conquests is likely to be rumours that have been spread so often they've become truth. I'm not a fan of Daisy's slut shaming of Leslie, but I'm also not a fan of Leslie's man-stealing behaviour. I guess they each got a taste of their own medicine and maybe they'll learn a lesson from this? Yeah, probably not. Leslie will continue conquesting every man who enters the station, and Daisy will continue judging her for this behaviour.

I don't know what's wrong with this story, but in contrast to my very recently (speed) read romance from Christy Reece, this is doing nothing for me. No desire to sit up all night reading it, no clenching of the heart at the sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife, no particular emotion for any of the characters (except sadness at the thought of losing my parents like Shane and Shea did). I was expecting this to be super hot and sexy, considering Joann Ross' comment on the back cover "sizzling...so hot, it singes the pages.", but I think she must have been talking about one of Davis' firefighter series books because, so far this has been kind of, well, BORING. I'm quite disappointed actually. Her firefighter series seems to have gotten rave reviews, so I'll give one of them a go before taking Jo Davis off my to read list. To be continued...

Later on page 172 - Suddenly Daisy sounds like a five year old - "The scanner around her head was kind of scary." and "Then she was transferred onto a tray like bed thing and shoved into a tube that started to whir and make strange knocking noises. She didn't like that either." Seriously!? Of all the medical tests you could have after getting beaten (or more likely a car accident), a CAT scan would be my favourite (and I should know, I've had them all, beginning when I was a baby and continuing on through childhood). You don't even have to deal with any needles, no contrast dye to make you nauseous, not even any electrodes stuck all over you, all you have to deal with is lying still and some noise - not 'scary' unless you're also scared of monsters under the bed.

11/6 - This is full of Davis telegraphing her plot twists. Two examples - just before Daisy goes out to a bar we're told that she's leaving her gun behind, something that (according to her) she (and most other cops) never does (and isn't explained except for when she asks herself why she would need a gun at a bar - was that meant to be ironic?, then she tries to break up a fight in the parking lot and gets bashed (blind Freddie could've seen that one coming). Then, before going on a drug bust stakeout with Taylor, Shane neglects to tell Daisy that he loves her, but assures himself that he'll do it as soon as he gets back from the stakeout - SHOCK HORROR! they end up driving the car into the river and nearly dying (well, not really because where would the story go from there?). Some of the lines are just ridiculous and completely unnecessary, like on page 206 - Shane and Taylor have escaped from their sinking car, but are still 'in danger' due to the possibility of hypothermia due to the freezing temperatures of both the night air and the river. He takes his mobile out of his jeans pocket, but realises it's dead, and then Shane comes up with this insightful thought "If they got out of this in one piece, he'd take it to the store and get a new one." Well, for God's sake!! Why do we need to be told this? Is this not what everyone in every country mobile phones are available in would do? What other option has he got? Make one out of spare parts? Magic one up out of thin air? And this is not the only instance of complete unnecessariness, every few pages I'm left going "Huh? Why are you wasting words telling us that completely irrelevant piece of information? You could have used that time and energy improving those yawn-worthy sex scenes. To be continued...

12/6 - No. This was NOT good for me! The sex scenes were boring, the characters were boring, the detective work was boring. This is a boring book. From all the praise Davis has received I was expecting a non-boring book. I have a food analogy - I was expecting a big, thick, juicy steak, but this book was more a leftover steak that you find in the back of the fridge with congealed fat dotted all over it - not appetising and memorable only for it's cold congealedness.