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22 and Single: A Coming of Age Story...in Progress

22 and Single: A Coming of Age Story...in Progress - Katie Kiesler

30/6 - I won this in a GR giveaway nearly two years ago. I am only now reading and reviewing it because I've been a bit scared of the content. Somehow, when I was entering the giveaway I managed to misread or misjudge the plot of the book and so when it arrived in the mail it was not what I had been expecting. Somehow I managed to miss the fact that it's a coming-of-age memoir by a devout Christian, not the sweet romance about the shy virgin falling in love for the first time that I thought it was going to be. I was very excited when I won this because it was my first win of a physical book. The author was very nice and easy to deal with and sent her book to me immediately, although it took a bit longer to actually get here (of course, that's not her fault). As soon as it arrived I opened it, intending to begin reading it right away (it's only 47 pages long, so I figured I'd get it read and reviewed ASAP since it took so long to get to me), and that's when I had the first inkling that all was not as it seemed. You see, inside the front cover Ms Kiesler had written a lovely dedication to me, 'praying' that her book would help me fall more in love with God and finished it with a bible reference from Corinthians. As soon as I saw that message I slammed the book shut and hurriedly put it down and thought "Oh crap! What am I going to do now?" I am no Christian and no book is going to change that, I read the Old Testament as a curious ten-year-old and look at all the good that did, there's no hope for me now. Knowing there was going to talk about God I had no trouble, and very little guilt, pushing this to the bottom of my pile and pretty much forgetting about it. I am reading it now out of obligation and responsibility to the generous author who took the time and money to get her book to me. Of course authors who put their books up for giveaways don't have the right to expect a review, but I'm sure she wants one (although maybe not mine, depending on what I write) and so I will do my best to write a fair review from the point of view of a devout atheist. To be continued...

Page 15 - I have to wonder what Katie thinks of the Beebs now, after all the scandals he's been involved with. Also, as an Australian atheist I have no idea who Tim Tebow or Donald Miller are. A lot of what Kiesler says on letting God be in the driver's seat reminds me of the Duggars and how the older children all talk about letting God lead them to the best person for them. Surprisingly, despite my disbeliefs I really enjoy the Duggar's shows. The littler kids are nice, well-behaved, charitable, generous with their time and generally appear to be tolerant of people who don't share their faith (religious intolerance is one of the main reasons I'm not usually a fan of religion).

Well, that wasn't too painful. The grammar, punctuation, and 99.99% of the spelling was correct (she used the word pair instead of pear on page 47, so close to being perfect), and as it was a memoir she didn't have to worry too much about character development, dialogue or world building. This was one of the least offensive religious books I've read, mostly because Kiesler's personality jumps off the page and makes you feel happy while you're reading, even without the compatibility of sharing the same beliefs. That's why I would have originally given this three stars, but unfortunately have to take off half a star because I felt like she was a bit too desperate to catch a man. I sort of applaud her decision to let God find the right man for her, giving her time to work on her own issues - she needs to learn how to be happy by herself, the having (or not having) of a man should not dictate your happiness (I learnt that from reading/watching Bridget Jones). Hopefully through my donation of this to the library it will find its way to a young Christian girl who will get more out it than I did.