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Bloodlines - Richelle Mead


19/8 - These books are so easy and fast to read! I finished my last book last night and was excited to get reading with this one, so thought I'd just read the first chapter to see how I liked it with a new heroine and then suddenly, without my knowledge, I'd read near 150 pages and was up way past my bedtime. I like Sydney as much, sometimes even more, than I did Rose - except her alliterative name, that's highly irritating to read over and over. Sydney appears to be smarter, so she should make smarter choices, right? Plus, she's older - she's the same age as Rose - so we won't have to go back to a mid-teens girl and her continuous arsenal of stupid mistakes, right? To be continued...

20/8 - Okay, I've got a sneaking suspicion that Adrian and Jill are bonded, that Adrian had to revive Jill during the attack and now she knows where he is and what he's doing at all times - that's how Jill knew about Sydney's discussion with Adrian and Lee about her love life, and that's how she knows now that Adrian's stranded in LA. Maybe that's why Adrian feels he has to stay close to Jill? In cane there's trouble, so that she can send a rescue party to wherever he is. To be continued...

Later - I knew it! And now I like Adrian even less for the hell he's been forcing Jill to experience through his eyes, and other senses. Innocent, as Jill seems to be, 15-year-old girls' first sexual experience shouldn't be a drunken threesome seen through another's eyes. Adrian really needs to grow up, he's not the first guy, or even the first Moroi, to get dumped by a girl he loves because she doesn't love him. He saved Jill, now he's responsible for her, for what she sees, at least until she can control what she sees through the bond. It's not clear how long it took Rose to learn her control, but considering she occasionally got accidental sneak peeks of Lissa with Christian, it must have been a number of years before she managed it. Until Jill can control the bond, Adrian will have to control himself. To be continued...

Later - Keith is acting sooo suspicious in so many areas. He is encouraging the 'vampire hunter' theory with Clarence, he's doing absolutely nothing towards the 'keep Jill safe' mission that he so desperately wanted to be involved with, he was quite aggressive in his attempts to stop Sydney from investigating the faux-alchemist tattoos, and now we find out the tattoos have vampire blood in them. I have another sneaking suspicion, this time it's a bad one. I think Keith is one of, or the, 'vampire hunters' and that's why the girls aren't drained, he (and any others involved) are only taking some of the Moroi blood because only a little is needed for the tattoos. The tattoo artists make a call whenever they need more blood and then a strange 'Strigoi' attack occurs. This is also why Keith didn't want the stronger, more intelligent, less pliable Sydney along on the mission, because she has more of an idea of what he's truly like than her sister, Zoe, does. When he heard that Sydney was joining him instead of Zoe he was probably worried that his lucrative partnership with the tattooists would have to stop - lucrative in that they most likely pay for the blood and because he gets to kill the hated vampires. I think in Keith's head vampires are vampires whether Moroi or Strigoi, they're all abominations of nature that shouldn't exist and need to be exterminated. If you've got a scheme that can get money and dead vampires in one go that probably sounds pretty fantastic to Keith. To be continued...

Later - Right again! Now Sydney knows, she's just got to get incontrovertible proof that the 'rogue' alchemist really is Keith. To be continued...

Later - And the crowd goes wild! They got him! Now maybe Sydney's idiotic father will change his opinion of her, will stop seeing Keith as the golden boy he never had. To be continued...

Later - It's always the nice ones that you don't expect. And who would've thought a 'saved' Moroi would be desperate to be 'reawakened'? This surprising out come also means I can't blame Keith for everything, which is annoying because he is pretty evil and I wouldn't put it past him to do what I accused him of, he probably just never thought of it. Of course, Sydney, as the narrator turns out to be an extra special Alchemist, just like Rose was an extra special Dhampir. I'll be interested to see where her 'rotten' blood and ability to work magic take the plot and if the latter is causing the former. I'm surprised that the stay at Amberwood is continuing, I thought that would just be for this book, I didn't think Mead would make Bloodlines another 'school series'. I was expecting it, the characters, to follow a completely different path, without the continuing theme of being at school and going to classes running for the rest of the series, or at least until Jill is old enough to graduate.