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This Heart of Mine (Chicago Stars, #5) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

This Heart of Mine  - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

23/8 - 3.5 stars. The story was nice and sweet, if a bit slow moving, but it took me nearly the whole book to warm to Molly. I can't understand or sympathise with her need to make crazy decisions just to test the depth of love those of who love her or because she'd been good for too long. Risking a criminal record or permanent injury because she was feeling a bit restless? That's not something I can understand. At the same time I wasn't a fan of the way Phoebe, and particularly Dan, treated Molly like she was still a teenager and unable to make a decisions without a parental figure guiding her. If a 27-year-old woman doesn't want the father of her unborn baby to know that there is an unborn baby, then that's her choice. Sisters and brother-in-laws don't have the right to interfere and tell him without her permission. Dan's high-handed treatment of Molly did make my opinion of her soften slightly, but she kept up her strange games of putting herself in fake danger to attract Kevin's attention and that got me annoyed with her all over again. I was surprised Kevin didn't feel more indignant about her blatant manipulation of him when he finally worked out what she was doing. I certainly felt pretty indignant on his behalf. There were a few moments of hilarity, like the way Kevin got conned by the girls during the softball game - that had me laughing out loud.

While I wasn't a fan of Molly, I did like the writing and would definitely read another from this series if I came across it.