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The Fiery Heart  - Richelle Mead

1/10 - I love Adrian's voice! Of him, Sydney or Rose, he's definitely the best to read. I'm getting worried, as Sydney is, about all the Spirit Adrian's using. It's corrupting him more and more, and the corruptive effects are lasting longer with each use. I don't know how the problem is going to be solved as Adrian's right, he needs the abilities Spirit gives him, but every time he uses it he goes further down the path of self-destruction. Sydney's presence brings him back, but she's not as effective as she used to be, she can no longer bring him all the way out from under the influence of Spirit. Maybe there's a spell she can learn to help him, or Jill's going to have a fast learning curve of how to draw it off like Rose used to for Lissa. To be continued...



3/10 - I was impressed with Sydney's thoughts on how to decide when the right time to take that final step with your boyfriend/girlfriend is. So many of today's YA/NA books, not that I've read most of them because thanks to some fantastic reviews from some fantastically funny and long-suffering friends I have been saved from the horror that has become YA/NA, present disturbed and corrupted relationships as normal and romantic. From the frequency with which it appears you would think that it's normal for guys to stalk their girlfriends, joke about domestic violence, threaten girls they're interested in with rape, and all of this to be going on with a girl in a love triangle between a dark, brooding demonic-type 'guy' (the one treating her like shit) and a golden-haired angel-like 'boy'. Of course, the girl always seems to choose the guy most likely to put her in the hospital, or morgue.

Thank goodness Adrian and Sydney are nothing like that! Except for all the magic, vampires, and other supernatural occurrences that happen around and to them, Adrian and Sydney have a pretty normal relationship. Adrian didn't rush Sydney into having sex with him, despite the eagerness he expressed during his chapters, Sydney enjoyed the experience and continued to enjoy it frequently through the rest of the book with no recriminations of should she or shouldn't she and is she a slut because she likes sex, and there has been no hint of a love triangle anywhere. Adrian sees and talks to Rose for the first time since he admitted his love for Sydney to Sydney and realises he no longer has any feelings for her other than friendship, not even any hurt feelings from the way they broke up. He is in love with Sydney and perfectly happy with that situation, there's no need for him to be in love with another girl at the same time (and the same goes for Sydney) just to give the story romantic tension.


Oh that ending! I'm so worried about how Sydney's going to get out of this without serious mental (and possibly, considering some of the Alchemist's ominous threats, physical) scars. Also how Adrian's going to deal with the fact that he couldn't save Sydney and that it was his phone that was used as evidence of their relationship and to set her up. I would really hate to see him sink back into the drinking again, I think I'd be almost as disappointed as Sydney would be if that happened. I hope Sydney can be strong in the face of the torture that I'm sure the Alchemists are eager to mete out. I hope that she frustrates their efforts to brainwash her and surprises them with her strength of will.