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Succubus on Top - Richelle Mead

28/12 - Really Georgina, drugs?! I am so disappointed in you. The alcohol in Succubus Blues was bad enough, but now you're smoking marijuana? *sighs and shakes her head in disgust* Besides my annoyance with her behaviour I'm surprised that alcohol or drugs would effect her anyway. She's immortal, which I would take to mean that she doesn't need to eat or drink, or breathe and that drugs (and other stimulants) would do nothing to her body. I don't really understand why Mead wrote that scene in. Maybe that makes it clear that she's definitely evil, that she smokes marijuana without considering the consequences (kind of like numerous teenagers around the world do every day, does that make them evil, I guess it depends on who you ask). I think it just makes her stupid. Maybe the reader is supposed to find her antics while high funny? Nope, still just stupid. To be continued...



28/12 - Hands up who thinks the mysterious 'Goth supernatural being' guy is some kind of evil muse? Me, me that would be me! He feeds them (them being Doug and Casey) some kind of creative juices, which gets them all hyper (the by product of this being a period of super-creativity) and then when they've generated huge amounts of energy he sucks it all out of them, leaving them so low they become depressed and possibly suicidal (no actual evidence of that, yet, just going on the things Doug's saying). Clearly Alec is also involved, in some way.

I'm also getting weird 'I might be a supernatural being in disguise' vibes from Dana and the feeling that Bastien hasn't told Georgina the whole truth about his mission to bring down Dana the homophobic, racist radio talk show host. I mean, it doesn't make any sense to me why Bastien would go to so much trouble over one small-town, small-time nasty person. Isn't he simply a male counter-part for Georgina? If so, why doesn't he simply go after random women with good souls as Georgina is doing, mostly, within the male population? Now that I think about it Dana doesn't even seem like a good target to start with. Considering her true personality I wouldn't think she'd have nearly as much good energy as some of her less hypocritical and hate-filled neighbours, like Jodi for instance. She'd have lots more energy for Bastien to take, making her a much more logical target (especially after all the resistance he's come up against from her). To be continued...

Later - Eureka! A light bulb just hit me! She's (Dana) a lesbian! That's why nothing Bastien does is working, and that's why she was so weirdly solicitous of Georgina, but at the same time looked at her with disgust. She hates herself for how she feels and hates Georgina for 'making' her feel that way. Now her behaviour makes more sense, and I no longer think it likely that there's anything supernatural about her. Strangely enough I was just wondering whether Incubi and Succubi target gay people for their energy. There's been no discussion on the topic, so far. I guess, if I'm right, there'll probably be a scene where Bastien asks Georgina to help him out in a more intimate way and we'll learn if the gender of the target matters to a succubus or an incubus. But then, saying that, if Dana is a lesbian what's to stop Bastien from turning into Tabitha instead of Mitch and getting to Dana in that way? Georgina said it used up a lot more energy to switch genders than it does to simply change clothes or hair colour, but wouldn't it be worth it for this supposed big score Bastien thinks Dana is? To be continued...

29/12 - Oh God! She's going to Terry and Andrea's house with the evil crystals in her handbag?! That's just a recipe for major disaster. Somehow they're going to fall out of her bag, or be pulled out by one of the kids, and there's going to be a horribly awkward (and possibly angry) conversation about why Georgina's carrying drugs (no matter that they are red crystals instead of white powder, small samples of that kind of substance in little baggies are always drugs). Such a stupid move! If she had to go straight to see Seth she should have at least left them in the car where they'd be far less likely to be discovered. To be continued...

Later - So, most of my guesses at where the plot was going were wrong. No one found the evil crystals in Georgina's bag, the Goth guy was not a muse, and Dana definitely wasn't supernatural in anyway. I did pick Dana's lesbianism, though, and like Georgina I was kind of sorry that she had to be brought down via her choice of sexual partner. Even though she was clearly a not nice person who needed to be stopped from spouting any further hate, I wish Bastien could have come up with a way to bring her down that didn't involve using her lesbianism against her, making it a shameful thing to admit to. That experience isn't going to make her any less hate-filled, it just means she won't have a platform to yell about it from. That last scene between Georgina and Seth was hot enough to make me want to fan myself at the breakfast table while I waited for my toast to pop. I don't consider this series to be romance, it's supernatural/fantasy that has sex scenes in it, but that last scene was almost enough to make me change my mind. Looking forward to the next book in the series.