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Succubus Dreams  - Richelle Mead

7/1 - As I've been reading this, the third instalment in Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid series, I've been thinking about what I thought it meant to lose (or sell) your soul. I assumed that it would mean you would lose all your humanity, any sense of a conscience, anything that you would look for in a human friend. Georgina doesn't seem to have lost any of these human traits and hasn't gained any of the evil 'demon' traits that I would have expected of a soulless being (especially one who has been around for so long) - a love for chaos, an enjoyment in watching others suffer, and a penchant for plain nastiness. In fact, none of Georgina's clan are evil with a capital e, they're like what Pepsi Light is to Pepsi - 30% less of the bad stuff (sugar in Pepsi Light's case, evil in Georgina and Co.'s) than normal. I don't understand why all these soulless creatures of hell are so nice! I mean they even have mentoring for the newbies to help them fit in and get started (the operative and confusing word there being 'help').

I keep thinking back to Angel, brooding and tortured vampire with a soul, versus Angelus, psychotic serial killer vampire who enjoys maiming and killing for the fun of it as much as for dinner. Mead's demons from hell are about as scary as Angel was when he was feeling his most tortured, and therefore less likely to hurt a fly than anyone (except possibly Willow), let alone a human. If it was only Georgina who was so toothless I would imagine that it had something to do with her mortal personality or her reasons for selling her soul to begin with, but it's not just her it's all of them. Hugh, the imp, would have to be the closest to evil of all of them, but even he is more like any normal chauvinistic, one night stand kind of guy that you could easily go out and meet at a club tonight, than an agent of evil. Or are we supposed to believe that that behaviour is the 'essence' of evil? And if so, that must mean that about 75% of today's men are demons from hell out for women's souls because it seems to me that they all tend to behave like that. I wonder if the lack of evil that seems to surround Georgina is something that will be explained at some later point in the series. To be continued...




Later - Hang on a minute here. Is Dante maybe... Erik's son? Could that be why Erik 'hates' Dante so much (although I don't think it's hate, more like dreadful disappointment)? Whatever their true relationship I think I'm about to find out. Seth and Georgina have just met Dante at Erik's house... To be continued...


Later - Another crazy idea... Could it be possible that Tawny is actually Nyx in 'human' form? But then wouldn't Jerome have noticed a different, much more powerful energy signature coming from her? And what about Niphon? Is he in the dark (ha! no pun intended) about who Tawny really is, or is he Erebus also hiding in 'human' form? Otherwise, I just don't understand what's going on with her claims of being the most inept succubus in the history of forever, while at the same time there are reports of others seeing her practically ready to hook up with a guy in public, only for him to just want to be friends only minutes later. Doesn't make any sense. To be continued...


8/1 - Oh God! Don't tell me the sacrifice with personal meaning to Dante was Erik?! That would be ridiculously upsetting, and possibly unnecessary. Does killing Erik move the plot along in any way that couldn't be done with him alive? I don't even know that's what happened yet, but I don't think so. *Tenses in anticipation of continuing with the next chapter* To be continued...


Later - 3.5 stars because that ending was depressing scene after depressing scene after depressing scene. First there was the death, and I thought "Oh, that's dreadful, horribly sad." but we'll move on and Seth and Georgina will make up and go to Terry's Christmas party. Second there was the betrayal, and I thought that was bad enough, and then that final line from Georgina, like she'd lost all hope. Then I read the first chapter of Succubus Heat which was included at the back of the book, and I realised all my contemplation of how un-evil Georgina was, had brought about a personality change. Now she's hurting and she's enjoying ripping the souls out of 'good' men, she's finally behaving like the truly evil being that I originally expected her to be. I imagine (and hope) that a change of scenery and a new badass personality will fill the next book with more ass kicking than we've previously seen from Georgina. Looking forward to it. :)


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