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Cold Blooded (Jessica McClain, #3) by Amanda Carlson

Cold Blooded  - Amanda  Carlson

Spoilers Ahead!!



2/2 - Another exciting, fast-paced, action-packed instalment in this series. I love how the characters keep acquiring new, awesome powers due to their contact with Jessica's blood. I wasn't a big fan of Ray as the dogged detective who was going to reveal all Jessica's secrets and thought the idea of turning him was a dreadful one, but with his new powers as a reaper revealed, and shown to come in pretty handy when you're fighting demons and sorcerers and rogue 'fake' werewolves, he began to grow on me.

The plot for this was similar to the one for Hot Blooded in that it was all GO, GO, GO. I was intending to make it to around the halfway point before putting this down last night, but way before I got anywhere near the halfway point I was totally engrossed and unable to take my eyes off the page. I had to keep reading, and in the end finished around 1:30 am wishing I had the next one ready to go immediately.

I did notice a couple of editing errors, like this one on page 1 for goodness sake

'His gave me a long once-over.'

Either that sentence is missing the word 'eyes', or that 'his' should be 'he'. I have noticed a couple of similar types of errors in each book of the series. Not worth not reading or DNFing, but not really what I expect from a traditional publisher - Orbit, which is an imprint of Little, Brown.

The other big drawcard for this book is that Jessica and Rourke finally find some time to get together for some incredible sex. Of course it's incredible, they're a mated pair. He's waited over a thousand years for her, she's waited about 24. But anyway, it's a great romance between a relative of the sabre-tooth tiger and a werewolf, the only problem is that they hardly get any time together when they're not fighting for their lives. Hopefully, with Jessica's future as Queen of the supernaturals she'll be able to bring peace to the Sects, giving her time to spend with her mate. Looking forward to the next book in the series.


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