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Tracker's Sin (Hell's Eight, #4) by Sarah McCarty

Tracker's Sin - Sarah McCarty

3/12 - This didn't feel like a complete book, it felt more like part two of Desi's book Caine's Reckoning. If I hadn't read Caine's Reckoning Tracker's Sin would have made absolutely no sense, more so than any of the other books in the series. At the beginning of the book the story is already halfway through its arc, the rest is just the completion of it.

The story itself was pretty simple, Tracker does his thing and tracks Ari down, saves her, gets her back to the ranch and meanwhile they fall in love. Of course there's an obstacle, he doesn't think he's good enough for her because of his mixed race heritage (that's really all in his mind, Ari never mentions it) and because he resembles the Comanchero band who kidnapped her and Desi (post-traumatic stress puts a halt to a few 'intimate moments').

Not a bad book, just not necessarily a book on its own. I highly recommend that if you have intentions of reading this book you make sure you've read Desi's story first, it will not make sense otherwise.