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In Your Dreams (In Your Dreams, #1) by Amy Martin

In Your Dreams - Amy    Martin

22/1 - I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed In Your Dreams. I thought it was going to be a slightly cheesy, silly YA supernatural romance, and probably full of editing errors. Thankfully I was mostly wrong. The supernatural really doesn't show up at all, it's just hinted at and then dismissed as a reaction to an unknown drug ingested in the womb. The romance was appropriately slow for who the main characters were - a boy who has to be chaperoned by his sister to make sure he doesn't hurt himself and a girl who has been too focused on basketball and her studies to notice boys as anything other than friends. There were some editing errors (see below), but this was nowhere near the worst example I've read recently.

Page 24
'...doesn't happen to me at lot...'

Should be a lot.

Page 45
'"I guess is the first time...'"

There should be a this between guess and is.

Page 72
'"...sometimes things things that don't happen...'"

For this sentence to make sense there needs to be the words I dream between sometimes and things.

Page 82
'...back in the Seventies.'

Why is seventies capitalised?

Page 104
'He shoots me his trademarked grin...'

Since this is written in the present tense, as if it's happening right now, that should be trademark.

Page 160
...'"maybe he'll ever be truly real..."'

Should be never.

Page 180
'...catch sight of a green file folder in the floorboard...'

First of all, from the context of what's going on I understand the sentence to be saying that the 'green file folder' is found in the footwell of the back seat of a car. I'm not sure whether Martin means 'footwell' when she writes 'floorboard' or not. If she does mean 'floorboard' (not really sure where in a car there is a 'floorboard', but that's beside the point) then how can something (other than a nail) be in a floorboard? On or under, there is no in when it comes to floorboards.

Page 197
'After every few shot, we all huddle up to view the results.'

That should be new.

Page 250
'"...wasn't even enough in his right might to unbuckle..."'

That should be mind.

I liked both main characters, although I'm not a fan of Zip as a nickname. This was absolutely worth reading and I'll definitely be on the lookout for the next book in the series at Amazon (at a good price, of course).