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Big Bad Beast (Pride, #6) by Shelly Laurenston

Big Bad Beast - Shelly Laurenston

20/6 - For me this was just okay. I've read two of the previous books in the series (The Mane Event and The Beast in Him) and one and a half of the books that follow this one (Wolf with Benefits and the first 214 pages of Bite Me). The last book I read, Bite Me became a DNF because I didn't feel any connection between Vic and Livy and I had the same problem with this one. No one seems like they have any romantic feelings for their mate, and why would you when you and your mate are constantly yelling at each other and calling each other insulting names. Dee Ann was more of a loner than some of the previous female characters so I wasn't subjected to having to read her constantly calling her 'friends' bitch, slut or whore, which is the main reason this is getting three instead of two stars.


The title of the book doesn't really correspond to the content - from the 'big, bad, beast' I was kind of expecting a domineering alpha male and Ric just wasn't that kind of guy. He was more like a muscly beta who likes to cook and main goal in life is make sure everyone has enough decent food to eat. Maybe the title is meant to refer to Dee Ann? I would say you definitely need to read this series in order because I didn't understand half of what they were talking about as it happened in one of the previous books that I haven't read yet.