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Suddenly in Love - Julia London

20/6 - Meh. I didn't like Brennan very much, he was way too self-absorbed to start with and you know what they say about first impressions - they last. And my first impression of Brennan lasted through the rest of the book. This didn't really turn out to be the book I thought it was going to be. I was imagining a story that focused more on the renovations and showed Mia and Brennan stuck in the house, nearly alone together for days, weeks while she oversaw the work and he tried to work on his music in peace. Instead there was too much of Skylar and her aunt, too much of the other guy (I forget his name) and barely any renovating (I love renovation shows, so a renovating romance sounded like my kind of book).


The cover image for the book is really wrong, Mia looks nothing like the way she's described. The woman on the front cover looks like a shy, quiet librarian, not the creative artist with the unique dress sense that Mia is in the story. I hated Skylar and can't imagine why Mia put up with her, family or not. She was the most shallow, celebrity-obsessed groupie you can imagine with no thought for anyone other than herself and how she can get close to any celebrity that might be around (I got the feeling that she wouldn't have cared which celebrity it was, along as they were on the cover of a magazine). I hope London has no plans to give her a book because I can't imagine how she'll become a character worthy of a HEA. Despite how underwhelming I found this I would still pick up the next book in the series, if I saw it at the library.