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I read pretty much anything, from fantasy (City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett) to romance (Bared to You by Sylvia Day) to classics (Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad).  The only genres I don't read are self-help and comic books/graphic novels.

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Tempting the Bodyguard (Gamble Brothers, #3) by Jennifer Armentrout

Tempting the Bodyguard - Jennifer L. Armentrout

21/6 - The mystery side of this book was pretty weak - Chandler hardly put much effort into working out who her stalker was and, other than declaring that it couldn't possibly be a past lover, Alana showed even less interest in her situation than Chandler - but the chemistry between Alana and Chandler was hot and sexy, which made up for the lack of mystery. I was also expecting the sex to be something a bit more on the 'kinky' side, considering where Alana tracked him down at the beginning, but that's just an observation not a complaint. I will make an effort to track down the rest of this series at the library (as opposed to picking them up by chance).