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Notorious (DeWarenne, #3) by Virginia Henley

Notorious - Virginia Henley

11/10 - This is really 2.5 stars.  Most of those 2.5 stars come from the fact that Notorious was continuing the story begun in A Year and a Day.  I do like a book that's part of a series which continues the story of a previous couple - I like to read that they're still married with a whole ton of kids and still love each other, even if they're old in the present book.  Unfortunately, that continuation of Jane and Lynx de Warenne and Jory's story was the only saving grace for this book.  The main story of Jane and Lynx's son Lincoln and Jory's daughter Brianna, who doesn't really want Lincoln because she wants new character Wolf Mortimer, was a real disappointment.  The story doesn't follow Brianna and Wolf enough, it seemed to be more focussed on Queen Isabel's relationship with King Edward (who was rumoured to be gay).  Because of the lack of story following Brianna and Wolf they had very little time for their relationship to develop logically.  When they did finally have sex near the end of the book it didn't feel natural or passionate, it felt like there should have been at least another 100 pages to continue the development of their relationship before they were thrown together.  If it hadn't been for the appearance of characters from Henley's from previous book I would never have known that it was a Henley book.  There didn't seem to be anything between Brianna and either of the two men in her life and that's unlike Henley, her other books that I've read are absolutely full of passion as well as a great historical plot and the occasional historically accurate character.  This was a disappointing example of a Henley book that I wouldn't recommend.