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Trolls, Racism and Deleting Comments

Reblogged from The Fangirl:

I had to delete comments for the first time on my Booklikes blog today.


I don't usually delete comments. I like to keep examples of trolling to show others and it's amusing to watching someone dig a hole for themselves while attempting to harass me.


However, today someone tried to use my comments to argue in favor of racism and tried to compare speaking out against racism and sexism to censoring other people's free speech. No joke.


These types of arguments play on the perception a lot of racist bigots have that they are the victims. That people use words like "racist" and "bigot" to pick on them for saying racists things that they believe everyone else is thinking. They really believe that everyone else (or a large majority of people) are racist, but are too scared to admit it openly. They may even pretend to not be racist, but argue that racism is a fact of life and to argue against it is futile, petty and abusive. 


Because they believe it is fear, not recognition that racism is wrong, that keeps the masses silent, they blame people who speak out against racism for being bullies.


After all, "everyone has a right to their own opinions, even racists, misogynist, and homophobes." Of course when it comes time to talk about how those "opinions" support oppression and prejudice, they refuse to take any responsibility for it. Claiming "that's just how the world works. [cue the apathetic shrug]"


This convoluted kind of non-logic seeks to excuse racists, and normalize racism. While vilifying anyone who dares point out or challenge it. It's like punishing the person who points out that someone peed in the coffeepot, rather than holding the person who did the peeing responsible for their actions.

I'm very familiar with these arguments and obviously not afraid to talk about them.


I chose to delete these comments because I refuse to allow anyone to use my blog like a megaphone to spout racists propaganda.


See this is a clever type of Trolling that hijacks the comments section in order to use another person's website to get a larger audience, i.e. your followers, to listen to them.


It doesn't matter how you respond, their comments will always come back to supporting their agenda. Because they're not actually talking to you, they're talking to the supporters they believe are out there watching. They want to show off for them, to prove that they are right.


They will keep talking/commenting until you take that platform away. That's what they mean when they say don't feed the trolls


This is why people of color say we are not responsible for educating other people about racism. Because people like this don't want to be educated, they want to argue that racism is real, or that it isn't their fault. They want to pretend its just a harmless opinions, that they have a right to have and express without taking responsibility for how it affects others.


They do it to further convince themselves and others watching that racism is not only normal, but an inalienable right to be protected. 


Beware of this kind of troll, and never hesitate to delete comments if you do not want them on your blog.


It's your space, and your right to dictate what or who are allowed in it.