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Surrender To Fire - Lora Leigh

19/3 - I liked the first story, Fyre Brand, and would read the rest of the series. I liked the psychic aspect of the story (that part kind of reminded me of another book I've read with psychics being hunted, called The Shattered Door by Lisa Bouchard), but did find it a little, teensy bit too convenient (and funny) that the only way she could ever learn to control her powers was through a life of ménage au trois with two dominating alpha males.

I found the second story, Surrender, a little objectionable due to the dubcon theme. I was uncomfortable with the scenes involving Tessa's introduction to anal sex because she wasn't comfortable. Tessa was pleading with Cole to stop and told him she was scared, but he kept telling her that "she'd like the pain", which was, in her own words, excruciating. She did enjoy the sex, but only after that whole 'excruciating pain' thing and I didn't enjoy that. While I didn't enjoy those scenes, that's probably just me and my dislike of anything that smells even a little bit rapey. I can now say that I don't enjoy dubcon and will know what to expect when I read a warning for that, and will also not complain about it if I choose to continue reading a book with it as a major (or even minor) theme. The four stars is mostly due to Fyrebrand, although it's really 3.5. I'm trying not to consider the dubcon in Surrender because I think that's my thing, not a problem with the story (others more familiar with this particular theme might want to comment on whether this is a good example of dubcon, or a bad one, like I think everyone would agree FSoG is), because if it had been less dubious I believe I would have fully enjoyed the story.


P.S. I hate the cover, there's no hiding the contents of that book (something which is occasionally necessary when you practically live with your grandad).  It also might make the unaware reader think that the book is a completely plotless pile of porn, when it's not, the characters do have some motivation for all the sex they have.