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I read pretty much anything, from fantasy (City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett) to romance (Bared to You by Sylvia Day) to classics (Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad).  The only genres I don't read are self-help and comic books/graphic novels.

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Shameless Embraces (Bound Hearts #6 & 7) by Lora Leigh

Shameless Embraces - Lora Leigh

22/4 - 3.5, but I'm feeling generous. The first book, Embraced, had an interesting side story involving MC Marey's (hate that name, why not spell it the normal way?) abusive ex-husband and his violent obsession with her, but it wasn't followed to my satisfaction. I would've liked one less sex scene and one more involving Vince (although, maybe if I had read the previous five books in the series, I would have learned all I wanted or needed to know about Vincent). The sex scenes throughout the book were pretty much what you would expect from Leigh - frequent, hot, and explicit - with a side of sharing that's not always part of Leigh's books.

The second book, Shameless, had less of a story (in my opinion), just focussing on Courtney's 'seduction' of Ian in spite of his attempted denial of his feelings for her. She's the daughter of his best friend, therefore off-limits, especially considering his lifestyle, of which daddy dearest (with her mum) is also an enthusiastic participant. Really don't get the appeal of sharing, or being shared, but at least it's not dub/non-con. I would definitely consider reading the previous (and any further) books in the Bound Hearts series.