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Where There's Heat/Smoking Hot (Good Girl Series, #3) by Karen Kelley

Where There's Heat / Smoking Hot - Karen Kelley

15/6 - I was a little disappointed with this. I was hoping it would be back up to the calibre of the first book in the series, Where There's Smoke, which I gave a solid four stars to, instead it was only as good as #2 Where There's a Will, which only managed a wobbly three stars.

Chance, hero of the first book, played a part in the story on a number of occasions, but not once did anyone mention his heroine Destiny. If I hadn't already read the book I would have thought that Chance's story hadn't happened yet, that he hadn't had, what appeared to be a HEA, that's how not there Destiny was. I'm quite confused by this. Did Kelley forget to write her into the story? Did she die or suffer some other unfortunate occurrence between books that we don't know about, but will one day if we stick with the series?

That was disturbing enough to my enjoyment of the story. Add to that the fact that Dillon has to be the worst, least useful angel in the history of mortal-helping angels (career-wise and when it comes to her standing in the community she would have been far better off if Dillon had left it at that first warning and then left her alone), and I found myself feeling annoyed through much of the story. I was also mildly surprised by the introduction of a scene of threesome/voyeur erotica, since that wasn't a feature in the previous books in the series (not saying they weren't searingly hot, just that there was only two people involved at the one time).

I'll be interested to see if Raine survives through to Hunter's (the final) book, or if Destiny reappears and her absence is explained.