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Spirit Bound - Richelle Mead

7/8 - I knew that Dimitri's condition was only temporary (I've been unaffected by all the heart wrenching twists and turns with Dimitri because I believed that he would be saved from the dark side), so that change wasn't a surprise, but I was surprised where in the book the scene was placed. I was expecting it to come as the big battle at the end with him changing back just as the book ended, leaving us with a cliff hanger as to how he would be after returning to his original dhampiric state. Instead it all happened in the middle, giving Mead room to create a completely unexpected cliff hanger - that was unexpected.

Anyone who's also a fan of Buffy noticed how there's a whole Spike feeling about Adrian and that his relationship with Rose kind of mirrors Spike's with Buffy in that Spike was never Angel, and Spike always knew that. Adrian's always going to know that Rose doesn't, can't, love him like she loves, will always love, Dimitri. The only way she could ever give herself fully to a relationship with Adrian would be if she had managed to kill Dimitri while he was still Strigoi. Even with his constant rejections of Rose, rejections of her love, she will never move on from him. Sure, she told Adrian that she could after Dimitri told her that his love for her had faded, but even through the pages of the book I could feel her hesitation that she'd be able to feel for him what he felt for her. I do feel sympathy for Adrian, but I also feel that his earlier playboy ways are what lead to Rose not taking his attraction for her seriously. If she had seen him as a serious love interest maybe her relationship with Dimitri would never have progressed beyond a student/teacher crush. Not that that's what I would've wanted to read, I was always Team Angel, so with their basic personality similarities (dark, troubled, brooding, intrinsically good) I was barracking for Dimitri from his first appearance.

I found Eddie's complete, blind acceptance of doing whatever Rose asked a little hard to swallow. The way he just followed her without knowing anything about what they were doing or why made him seem brainwashed, or Jedi mind-tricked. I kept wanting to ask him where his brain was, why he couldn't think for himself. Just because he and Rose had some history with being in tense situations together doesn't mean she's the be-all and end-all of intelligent, heroic plans, doesn't mean she's above being questioned about what's doing. I thought the whole breakout was farfetched and it was kind of obvious what was going to happen once Victor was out.

I read this in well under 24 hours and now I have to wait who knows how long before Last Sacrifice becomes available. I should have put both on hold at the same time, then I could've immediately fallen into the end of the story, which I'm positive is going to end happily in the way I want it to.