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The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead

3/9 - Another fantastic installation in this series (and by 'series' I include the Vampire Academy books as well). Read it over two very late nights, so fast that I didn't have the time or inclination to stop to make notes or write an interim review like I usually do, so this'll have to be a slightly briefer review than is normal for me.

I'm really loving Sydney (except for the alliteration) Sage as the MC for this spinoff series. I'm not positive, but I think I might like her better than Rose. She makes noticeably less (or almost none) stupid mistakes and doesn't behave like a wild and reckless teenager (despite being the same age as Rose), which makes her much easier to sympathise with, and agree with. Jill is turning out to be a nice, stable, secondary heroine and while I can't completely forget his behaviour in the Vampire Academy books I no longer find Adrian hateable. There's still some teen angst (Eddie!!) and a teenage girl who makes stupid decisions (Angeline), but she's not billed as an intelligent and 'special' girl who's going to save them all and she's not THE VOICE we have to listen throughout the series so it's more acceptable.


My favourite part of the whole book was that Adrian gave up smoking for Sydney (properly and long term this time), I think that shows a deeper level of feeling for Sydney than he had for Rose. I think if he were to think about his feelings for Rose compared to his feelings for Sydney he would realise he wasn't as in love with Rose as he thought he was at the time, it was more like he was infatuated with her and possibly admiring of her because of talents and abilities. Sydney's the one he's supposed to be with, and once she gets over her whole "He's a vampire and it's just not right" thing it won't be nearly as difficult for her to find time for him as it was for Rose (always a sign that the other person in the relationship isn't as committed/in love as they claim to be, I think).